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slicon neon of cob strip light

Time:2021-05-18 Views:693

As the leading supplier for COB strip light,we can provide more choice for home improvement lighting and commercial lighting.
At present we have Mono COB strip light. CCT COB strip light, RGB COB strip light, Dim to warm COB strip light and COB Neon.

Because of its features,COB strip light could almost replace the SMD strip light,no matter match Alu profile or silicone neon tube or use it separately. More and more people will choose COB strip light.
Why we choose slicon neon as led linear main lighting?The main two reason is the soft flexible installation and the long length running.

As an exclusive supplier,for led strip lighting,you will always find nice solution for your ideal of it. LEDHOME could offer you more choice.Customized COB strip light is accepted.

pls feel free to contact us at contact@easinghome.com for your customized ideal on neon linear lighting

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